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Quilter Micro Pro Mach 2 Head

The Quilter MicroPro Mach Head is not just A game changer. It is THE game changer. Pat Quilter spent hours analyzing what makes some of the greatest vintage amps so great. Then he developed analog technology that re-creates these voices and delivers unprecedented tone shaping options. Flip that voicing switch. Go ahead! This isn't like purchasing just one amplifier, it is like purchasing 6 of the most sought-after tone standards of the last 40 years. Did we mention this isn't modeling? This is a patented recreation of the actual behaviors of these vintage amps.

The MicroPro Mach 2 Head comes with a deluxe padded carrying case with room for accessories.

User Profile:

You are a musician who wants the flexibility and awesome power of a Quilter head.
• You tour frequently and don't trust crappy backline amps.
• You record, and want the flexibility of Quilter tone shaping through some of your vintage cabs.
• You want to hear new and inspiring things from the cabs you already own.
• You want to minimize your setup and are tired of lugging heavy, fragile heads.


• Powerful: 100 watts per channel. 200 watts total when using channel 1 and 2.
• Toneful: Patented next generation analog technology.
• Portable: Take it on board the plane and put in the overhead bin. At 7 pounds it is an ultra light head.
• Reliable: Stop fussing with 70 year old unreliable technology and play more!
Ultra-Light: 7 pounds. Do we need to say more?
• Modular: Combine this with our matching extension speaker, or use your own for outdoor or extremely loud gigs.
• Flexible: Works with nearly any impedance, or even with the speaker unplugged.
• Consistent: Our power supply auto-adapts regardless of the voltage the wall is dishing out. Your tone never suffers, even from "nightclub voltage."
$ 699 +shipping

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