About Banthym™ Cabinets

LIGHTEN UP with the Lightest Wood Enclosures on the Planet!

Banthym™ Wood Cabinets are created by two musicians for life, from Texas. Sam Bifano and Michael Huggins have certainly carried their share of overly heavy cabinets and guitar amplifiers over the years. We discovered a proprietary wood that lets us build a cabinet 30-50%, lighter than white pine, yellow pine, or Birch plywood. We seek the discerning player who is looking for the ultimate in a speaker extension cabinet that weighs considerably less than any other cabinet. Banthym™ Wood Cabinets are simply the lightest, tone-full wood cabs that you've ever heard. Contact Sam or Michael for custom orders. We'll talk to ya!

  • Proprietary Banthym™ Wood Enclosure
  • Standard Birch Baffle
  • Top Quality Coverings
  • Premium & Grille Cloth Selections
  • Popular Speaker Choices
  • Hardware & Fittings Options
  • Lacquered Tweed Finish
  • Two-Tone & Tooled Tolex Coverings
  • Custom & Reproduction Amps, Cabinets & Heads
  • Custom & Reproduction Speaker Baffle Boards


What We Do

We make the Lightest Wood Speaker Enclosures on the Planet!

These are not your conventional guitar speaker cabinet enclosures. Banthym™ Wood is the lightest wood that will withstand a steady gigging schedule and not break your back like traditional cabinets. Just pick one up. Pricey? Banthym™ Cabinets reduce the wear and tear on you. (Now, back surgery, that's pricey!) We use the best components and promise tonal resonance and lightest weight, most usable by the discerning musician.


Amplifiers & Components

Quilter amplification compliments Banthym™ Wood Cabinets' sleek and lightweight designs.

Take the Trouble out of Travel Lighten Your Load!

Quilter amplification products make the perfect compliment to Banthym™ Wood Cabinets, Light Weight, Superior Tone. Quilter is a superb example of evolution of "Cutting Edge" solid state technology. Said 'Hands On' evaluation in both live and factory settings leads us to feature the broad versatility of lightest weight, fabulous tone, and unique voicings. Add your choice of Lightweight Neodynium or Other Speakers.


Marshall JCM 800 vs Quilter Mach 2

Quilter MicroPro Mach 2 Nathan James

Pat Quilter Talks Speakers w/ Sam Bifano


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