Quilter Guitar Heads

Making your gear lightweight and practical is what we live for. From the simplicity and jaw dropping power of the Tone Block, to the sophistication and useability of the MicroPro to the rugged yet classic Aviator, Quilter heads make your speakers sound as great as they make you look.


Our products simply do not fail. There are no tubes to wear out. (Although your friends will swear up and down that there are.) They don't warm up, or go on the fritz. They simply sound good night after night, room after room, gig after gig.


Clocking in between 100 to 200 watts total the question is never "will it be enough?" The only question is "How much do you need?" Unlike tube amplifiers, Quilter amps are designed to give the same great tone at any volume because we do not rely on the output stage to "warm up" the tone. So whether you are in your bedroom late at night or on the main stage at the outdoor festival you get the same incredible tone.


Got a 16 Ohm cab? 8 Ohm? 4 Ohm? Want to just use the direct out with no cab? Go ahead, throw them at it. Regardless of the head you choose there is very little you can throw at it that it can't handle. They sound great with pedals, they sound great with rack mount effects. It is possibly the most practical piece of equipment in your entire rig. Operating on any worldwide voltage, they operate by simply plugging them in. No transformers necessary, and to top it off, they maintain solid reliable consistent power as low as 70 volts or as high as 260 volts without breaking a sweat. So leave that power conditioner at home. You won't be needing it.


Ever notice that your amp sounds great one night and terrible the next? It is because the slightest fluctuation in voltage sag from one venue to the next can really throw your tubes for a loop. Tubes are awesome and we love them as much as you, but they tend to wear out with use and sometimes get flaky. Don't take your classic vintage tube amps on the road. Leave them at home and get a solid and consistent daily driver that you can rely on and save those precious NOS tubes for the studio sessions. You won't regret it.


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